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Is the traffic in Vietnam ”crazy”?

The answer is ”YES”! Arriving to Vietnam, only the short distance from Noi Bai airport to Old Quarter, the tourists could easily release that the traffic in Vietnam is “busy” or ”amazing”… In reality, there are no rules in traffic in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.  However, motorbike is still the king of Vietnam transport system.

Being Vietnamese people, we know clearly how traffic in Vietnam is and we are able to show you how could do motorbike travel in the safest way. We know the most suitable way to make your journey memorable and safety one.

Is it possible to by motorcycle riding insurance ?

In fact, if you could get Vietnamese motorbike license, the travel company could do cover you and ensure your travel. However, this condition is quite hard for all international visitors in Vietnam. Therefore, the best solution here is that you should buy insurance in your home country before arrive to Vietnam and do book motorbike travel tour.

How could have a perfect Vietnam motorbike travel?

Vietnam country must be one of the best destination in Asia to experience motorbike travel. Thanks to the advantages of geography with 70% mountainous area, our country is really suitable for your adventurous trip. However, in purpose to make sure a wonderful motorbike travel, we could do suggest you few things:

  • Book motorbike tour with a prestigious company : The safest way to do motorbike travel in Vietnam is that you should do this kind of tour with local people. They have full knowledge about the geography and traffic in Vietnam and enough experience to take you do travel by motorbike in the best way. They could communicate by english and of course- Vietnamese and it must be easier to solve any unexpected problems on the way.
  • Northern region must be the best place to do ride in Vietnam : It is believed that the Northwest and the Northwest and Northeast in Vietnam are the most suitable site for motorbike travel. From Hanoi city, just around 100 km far from to see green mountainous area with much less population. If you prefer further distance, you could do Cat Ba island motorbike travel (120km from Hanoi)  Thac Ba lake tour (180 km) Sapa tour ( 330 km)…
  • Winter season is ideal time for motorbike trip : For summer time, it is rain a lot in Vietnam, thus we do recommend that you the best time to do motorbike ride here in Northern Vietnam is winter season (from September to the next March)

How do we pay the tour?

Do payment once you have decided to do booking with us is required. Normally, there are two main methods to complete your booking, the customer could choose either via Onepay system or Paypal. Booking free of 3% total amount is required from customer.

What should I bring with me and what’ll I do with my bags during the tour?

Vietnammotorbiketravel will always beside you to advice what should you bring durinf your motorbike trip. However, there are some good advises that the customers could do brings all necessary things as the list below:

  •  Motorbike riding jacket, helmet, gloves, boots (rubber boots for rainy season in North Vietnam from May to September), summer gloves, balaclava, t-shirt, socks & underwear, long sleeved shirt, turtleneck shirt, extra jeans, light jacket, leather chaps, zip-lock bags, riding boots, bandanas, sunglasses and goggles.
  • Personal items: basic toiletries, emergency cash, sunscreen and earplugs.
  • Emergency items: first aid kit, emergency contact number, list medical conditions, list medications, flashlight, chargers and duct tape.
  • Miscellaneous: small towel, bath towel, trash bags, bungee cords, camera and cargo net.

Beside, for the unnecessary things you would like to leave in Hanoi, we could do offer you a reliable place to put it, it may be at our office or in the motorbike store without any worries about the security. It will make you trip more comfortable and easily to do ride during the motorbike travel trip.